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Idva Helps The Disabled Learn To Scuba Dive By Awarding $75,000 Grant To Diveheart Foundation

A $75,000 grant has been awarded to the Diveheart Foundation in New Jersey by the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) in a bid to help disabled veterans enjoy thrilling activities despite their incapacitating condition.

The grant will help fund scuba diving holidays and water activities for disabled people so they can overcome debilitating barriers as they become weightless.

The Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded almost $10 million to help local not-for-profit organisations offer supportive programmes to veterans. The department also runs the Veterans Assistance Fund which is made up of sales from the Illinois Lotterys Veterans Cash scratch-off game tickets.

During scuba diving holidays, disabled veterans will be able to learn how to explore the underwater world with the help of professional diving experts and instructors from the Diveheart Foundation.

Divehearts founder/president, Jim Elliot, said: The Veterans Cash grant has been a blessing for Diveheart.

The funding helps my team deliver life-changing physical and psychological therapeutic experiences as well as recreation to Illinois disabled veteran community.

Elliott, set up the organisation when after teaching his blind daughter to downhill ski, he saw the benefits of her increased confidence.

Also a certified scuba diver, Elliot soon realised how powerful and therapeutic scuba diving adventures can be to disabled people and he has devoted his time to Diveheart since 2001, taking the charity to scuba diving destinations such as the Caribbean, Australia, and Mexico.

Now in its tenth year of operations, the organisation provides scuba diving opportunities for children, adults and veterans with disabilities.

Win or lose, people who play the Illinois Lotterys Veterans Cash scratch-off game are helping our states veterans, explained Erica Borggren, the Director of IDVA. Diveheart is among a host of Illinois-based non-profits that are committed to serving those who have served. Divehearts unique program truly makes a difference for veterans suffering from paralysis, traumatic brain injury and amputations.

The Veterans Cash Grant Committee of the IDVA reviews the applications and then awards grants to organisations that help veterans overcome problems with health, homelessness, health insurance, disability benefits, long-term care and assistance and PTSD. Over the past six years, the department has granted nearly $10 million across 160 worthy charities and organisations.

How Does Ginkgo Biloba Affect the Kidney

Kidneys play an important role when it comes to cleaning up someone’s blood and ginkgo biloba can affect how it operates. The majority of people have two kidneys that are located below the rib cage and next to the spine. Kidneys are about the size of someone’s fist and act as filters. Not only do they filter blood which helps bring nutrients to someone’s body they also create urine, help control high blood pressure, keep someone’s bones healthy, and assist with manufacturing red blood cells.

Kidneys can become damaged and unhealthy from a variety of reasons. For one a physical injury such as an auto accident can cause kidney failure. Another common way would be if someone consumed too much harmful chemicals such as drinking a lot of alcohol. Having low blood volume, dehydration, drugs and diseases all can cause kidneys to shut down. Another ailment which can be very painful is kidney stones. This is a condition in which material builds up in the inner lining of the kidneys. Someone can get this health condition by not drinking enough water and consuming an unhealthy diet.

Ginkgo biloba comes from a tree called the ginkgo tree which can grow larger than 100 feet tall and may be one of the oldest trees available. This herb is sometimes used to treat kidney problems in Chinese medicine however in some countries they don’t recognize that ginkgo as a solution because of lack of scientific evidence. Ginkgo is somewhat popular for being able to thin blood. So if there is blockage in the kidneys than this might be able to help.

Also ginkgo has something called antioxidants which can be helpful to someone and that includes improving the health of the liver. Various studies show that toxic damage to the liver can be reduced through the antioxidants of ginkgo. Also this herb can reduce inflammation that can be associated with kidney problems, which helps protect healthy cells and tissue from being damaged by the immune system.

The majority of people take ginkgo in a supplement form and this can come in a pill, powder and even liquid form. We recommend a multi-vitamin that has gingko for the simple reasons that it’s much easier to take a fewer pills rather than a whole lot. One brand that we really like uses pharmaceutical GMP compliance, enteric coating and standardized herbal extracts. To learn what these terms mean as well as why we recommend them, click on

Kevin Whisitt is a frequent author on a variety of health topics and enjoys breaking down complex topics too easy to understand language. You can learn more about Kevin’s work and how natural remedies can improve the health of the kidneys by clicking on Where to Buy Discount Vitamins.

Preparing Profit And Loss Statement For The Irs

All of these programs require the IRS to perform a detailed analysis of the taxpayers financial situation. In order for this analysis to be completed, self-employed individuals will be required to provide the IRS with a Profit and Loss Statement. A Profit and Loss Statement is simply a document that lists all of the business income and business expenses over a specific period of time.

If the collection investigation is occurring during or shortly after April 15th, the IRS may be able to complete its analysis using the Schedule C from the taxpayers federal tax return. However, if the return is not available, or is outdated, the taxpayer may need to provide a separate Profit and Loss Statement. For some taxpayers, this can be a very challenging task. However, following a few simple rules can greatly assist you in this task.

Be accurate. You are required to provide complete and accurate information to the IRS. Therefore, you must take the time to make certain your Profit and Loss Statement is accurate. One way to do this is to use your monthly bank statements to create your Profit and Loss Statement. If you do not have all of the necessary statements in your records, ask your bank to provide them.

Be complete. Make sure you have accounted for all of your income and expenses on the Profit and Loss Statement. Taxpayers often make the mistake of leaving out basic business expenses. For example, a truck driver may forget to write down their fuel expense. Make certain you check your statement over twice to verify you have not forgotten any expenses.

Only list business expenses. Your Profit and Loss Statement should only list the expenses necessary to operate your business. You should not list your personal household expenses such as your home mortgage payment, personal insurance or none-business transportation expenses. The IRS will review the personal portion of your financial situation separately.

Consider getting professional help. Resolving your IRS collection matter can be extremely complicated and involved. Consider seeking assistance from a tax professional to help you prepare your financial information for submittal to the IRS and to negotiate a resolution of your IRS collection matter.

For your reference. Please find sample profit and loss statements below. One version is a profit and loss statement for rental income. The other version is a profit and loss statement for business income. The profit and loss statements are in PDF format. They are for your reference only. Please use them as guides as you prepare your own profit and loss statement for determining your rental and / or business income.

Traditional Auctions Versus Online Auctions

Traditionally, auctions, held in stuffy courtrooms, were hammer banging, noisy affairs. Surrounded by bidders and sellers with priceless items, it was a crowded experience. Yet traditional auctions are slowly making way to online auctions a fast, efficient and effortless process that is highly satisfying to all parties involved.

Online auctions differ from the traditional sense, however, the advantages and disadvantages to both are endless.

Traditional auctions allow bidders to actually touch the items they are interested in, providing a closer look at every detail. Online auctions do not offer this option and products can only be viewed through the computer screen.

An offline auction requires the use of a venue, more often than not, at a cost. Online auctions reduce the cost of selling/buying because only a simple website to display items is necessary and there are many to choose from. Similar to traditional auctions, sellers can chose the length of the auction, where the highest bidder is declared once the auction has ended.

One major drawback of online auctions is the lack of face to face interaction between bidders and sellers. Communication can only occur through email or telephone and can therefore be harder and more time consuming. Traditional auctions do not have this problem, providing an environment where customers and sellers can communicate promptly.

Whilst auctions are open to everyone, with online auctions, geography does not matter. The internet allows the seller to communicate their product to a wider, more global audience. Not being restricted to a specific location is one of the biggest benefits of online over offline.

This list however is not exhaustive. There are countless differences between using online and offline auctions and consideration should be taken when buying a selling your antiques, with advantages and disadvantages to both. If you do decide to buy an antique – through an auction or otherwise – its a good idea to take out some antique insurance to cover your purchase against theft or damage.

How You Can Make Your IP Address Hidden

It is of course a contentious issue, whether we should get the right to any degree of solitude whilst we’re online. Both sides of the argument have quite serious points, with many people considering that to be able to thwart terrorists and criminals losing our seclusion is a small price to cover./p>

The biggest problems with regards solitude would be the fact your IP address is by default visible and able to identify you just and that your ISP has potentially a log of absolutely whatever you do.

Both scenarios may be rectified by hiding your IP address and encrypting what you do online. Without taking both of these steps afterward keeping any level of anonymity on the internet is pretty much hopeless.

To hide your IP address, in the web sites you see then you must relay your connection through another server. These are usually called proxy or VPN servers which sit between your personal computer and the web servers. So the sole IP address that is shown is that of the proxy server which helps keep your real address private.

This of course, is not going to prevent your ISP from recording every site you see, every message or picture you download. Then you definitely should confuse this too, in order to prevent this happening. The trouble is the overwhelming majority of your on-line tasks happens in clear text that’s readable by anyone who wants to take the attempt to intercept it. Also the logs that your ISP creates by default are readable, symbolizing pretty much an entire list of everything you do.

Both these methods seem quite technical and hard to attain, nevertheless this is not any longer the case. Over the last couple of years a whole new industry has sprung up around these kind of requirements and you can now purchase services that achieve both these situations. Most of the finest are only advanced VPN services that are controlled through software you are able to install in your computer. The ones that are best both encrypt your action, your connection and route by way of a safe third party to take care of your place also. You can the concepts behind these procedures in this video which also demonstrates some software being used.

Learn how to control and alter your IP address at will. Take a look at this video which shows a strong computer program which offers complete security and the capability to unblock video or any site. This video. demonstrates.

From Bells And Sirens To 24-hour Remote Monitoring

Not so long ago, a ringing alarm bell would guarantee an instant reaction. Someone in the vicinity, often a neighbour, would alert the Garda, who would then come rushing to the scene.

Somewhere along the line, that began to change. More often than not, that ringing bell or screeching siren was a false alarm. Instead of scurrying to the phone, neighbours would bury their heads deeper under the duvet to stifle the noise.

In many areas, the Garda adopted a policy of refusing to respond to ringing alarms unless they had additional reason to suspect a break-in.

Over the years alarm systems have become more sophisticated and cheaper, thanks to advances in technology. Its still possible to buy a basic bell-only alarm. As a deterrent, its better than nothing.

But lets face it these days, most people just ignore ringing bells. In some areas, apparently, not even one in ten audible alarms is reported to the Garda.

If all you need is a visible warning to would-be burglars, you might be as well buying a dummy bell-housing box for under ten euro. If you want a proper security system, youre really looking at 24-hour alarm monitoring.

Under this system, when your alarm activates, it sends a system to a round-the-clock monitoring control centre staffed by trained personnel. They verify that the alarm is genuine before alerting you or your keyholders. If the alarm has been triggered accidentally, the alarm is cancelled and the system reset. If the alarm is genuine, the control centre immediately contacts the local Garda.
PhoneWatch, a subsidiary of eircom, has a good relationship with An Garda Sochna and offers a range of options suitable for private householders and businesses.

Its packages come in two basic forms: alarm systems for homes pre-wired for an alarm and wirefree alarm systems. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. A system for a pre-wired home takes longer and is more difficult to install definitely not a DIY job. But its cheaper overall, with few batteries to replace and little maintenance required.

The wirefree packages are more expensive to buy and maintain. But theyre more flexible and provide a greater range of features.

For those who are regularly away, the wirefree systems also offer remote access technology, which allows you to manage your security settings from anywhere in the world using your own mobile or any touch-tone phone. Other extras include acoustic sensors which can detect the sound of breaking glass within a 15-foot range and a fob key ring with an integrated panic button.

As with everything else, what you get depends on how much youre prepared to pay. In these days of deepening recession and rising crime, the question you might want to ask yourself isnt Can I afford 24-hour alarm monitoring? but Can I afford not to invest in a modern security system?.

Zero Cost Insurance Coverage Quotes On-line

Have you been aiming to get Health, Auto, Life and/or Home Insurance? You’ve come for the correct position. Our web page, is exceptional in that we do not merely stick to one particular type of insurance plan carrier, but we provide you the most effective deals from lots of online insurance coverage carriers. This way, you may have provides from many carriers all in one area – our site!

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On our web page, you can expect to be to entry quotes for insurance coverage blueprints from many agencies, like as regional or nationwide businesses, brand names insurance corporations, and so forth. All you may have to carry out is decide the program that works in your case!

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Home Insurance – Guarding your home is simply wise. You surely want to make certain that you just are secured just in case any sort of hurt for your house happens. You will choose to pick the perfect policy that should defend your expense as well as your belongings without having breaking the bank.

We are right here to help you find just about the most cost-effective, compatible and comprehensive insurance coverage presented everywhere!

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Ways To Make Self Employed Courier Jobs Work For You

The life of the successfully working independent delivery contractor needs to keep a constant eye on finances, cash flow, and a need to continuously keep looking for new work. The last can be tiring, but there is a potentially huge pool of clients to approach, and it makes all the difference if you know how to make these prospective clients come knocking at your door, instead of always vice versa.

Choose a Target

If you want to attract self employed courier jobs, you need to establish very clear targets. Your skills, routes, workload capacity and delivery expectations should come together to shape a very clear target market in your mind. The clearer and more precise this market is in your conception of your own business better yet, the more precise it is on paper in your business plan will help you understand exactly which clients you are likely to attract. If you’re unclear in this regard and aim at a broad, hazy category of prospective clients, you’re unlikely to shape your business, marketing, and job hunting in such a manner that clients who need your specific type of service will hear of you and come knocking.

Establish a Name and Reputation

Once your market has been established and your business plan has been honed to suit this market, you’ll need to advertise. Many people jump to choosing marketing strategies before taking the time to consider what exactly they are advertising and the impact it will have. Even if you know who you want to attract to get self employed courier jobs, any confusion regarding your image, brand, or name will mean your best qualities are not highlighted under the scrutiny of prospective clients. Establishing a name in the consumer or B2B marketplace means focusing your brand and advertising content around those qualities, while also differentiating yourself from your competition.

Adopt Different Strategies

There are numerous marketing avenues for people wishing to attract self employed courier jobs. Perhaps the most common involve newspapers, online exchanges, and small-scale media ads on the radio or local television. These strategies need to be evaluated in terms of their return so that you dont end up investing beyond your means. In fact, when appealing to business clients, word of mouth cannot be discounted as a vital means of advertising.

Rely on Reputation

In the end, even once you have all your marketing planning in place, self employed courier jobs will only come to you if you have the reputation that backs up your advertising. In the transportation world, within niche markets and among specific prospective clients, a cleverly marketed and viable brand is only valued if the reputation behind it can live up to the hype. The market quickly hears of weaknesses in service provision, and maintaining your vehicles, routes, reliability and professionalism are the foundations of a business that clients will actively seek out.

The Risks Involved In Peer-To-Peer Investments

P2P loans involve a considerable amount of risk both to the lender and the borrower. Although there are a number of ways of mitigating risk, there aren’t sure methods of avoiding loss of capital invested in such ventures. Below are some of the risks involved in peer-to-peer lending:

Borrower default

This is the biggest risk posed to investors who engage in this kind of investment. Borrower default happens when the borrower does not repay the loan advanced hence the lender’s capital is at risk. Note that the venture relies on the principle of matching savers of money with borrowers i.e. savers who are looking for a better return on their money meet with borrowers who need a loan at a fair interest rate. This risk has led companies to advance secured lending where the borrower has to attach an asset or property equal to the loan advanced by the lender. Therefore if the borrower defaults in payment the attached asset is sold to recover the loan amount. Only traditional peer-to peer-investing companies would advance loans without collateral.

Insolvency of the operator

P2P lending ventures are normally operated by companies on behalf of the lenders. Such companies may become insolvent such that they are not able to manage borrower repayments effectively. To avoid loss of the lender’s money through such scenarios, certain precautions are taken by the operator

Money that is not for loan advancement is held in separate client money trust account. Security provided by the borrower in case of default is held by an independent trustee, separate from the operator. Changes in prices of the property

The global market continues to change, especially in the realm of real estate. Therefore secured loans attached against property may be affected in case remarkable changes happen in the property market. In such instances some companies may take liability for any loss that may occur in the event the attached property has lower returns than the loan advanced. Interest rate risk

Just like loans advanced by banks interest rates are bound to reduce or increase once in a while. Lenders are therefore advised to consider this factor before committing any funds to a loan since they would not be able to move capital on loans earning higher interests until the current loan matures. It may not be a major risk but it’s definitely worth factoring in. Lastly P2P investments are not always entitled to compensation in case of any loss. Therefore lenders risk losing capital invested in case of any loss.

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How to Apply for Canara Bank Online Banking

Canara Bank Internet banking is a costless utility offered to each Canara client. It is accessible to all commercial and corporate clientele of the bank.

It is available 24 hours to provide chance to all clients to course their bank account every-time and anyplace all over the globe. You can operate your account online with the opportunity to avail mobile banking that became a substantial mechanism for many clients.

Features of Canara Bank Internet Banking

Canara bank provide services that is ready for use in each local department upon the assistance of their online banking facility. One of the primary forms of handling customers bank account is through Internet banking service offered by the bank.

The preceding are special profile which you may get for the internet banking service offered by Canara: manage as well as track your expenditures, move money in different bank accounts, conveniently see past bank statements and loan details, request for another checks, request for document copies of your statements, without difficulty update your contact details and private information, monitor your account to see any doubtable activity, make a stop amortization for checks disseminated and get substantial alerts and necessary data.

Login and Enrollment

Each customers with an ongoing bank account who wants to course their bank account online should program the form from their website or directly obtain the paper from their local bank.

Once you have listed, you may be given an username and password to be able to login in your new account. You may fully course all the services online by your online account.

Canara bank is also catering a video of their Internet banking platform that provides guidelines to all of their client on whereby to navigate and use their website. This is very beneficial to every clientele since they can easily access a plenty of services in the comfort of their very own household.

The bank is also providing security features to make certain that every transaction of their clients is safe. This consist of the 128-bit encryption which is the international standard for every computer security when it comes to delicate information and financial data.

Online account owners may as well replace their username and password from time to time for increase security.

World wide web banking is one of a kind utility that may give ease, convenience, and soundness to all clients. When utilizing for its internet banking, you should provide necessary requirements and the necessary data that you be obliged to furnish while registration.

Caleb Mateo is a money blogger who loves writing about financial management, banking, investments and make money online. To get helpful information on how to apply a Canara Bank Online Account Internet Banking account, you should drop by his blog.